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Kitchen cabinets manufacturer that cares about your customers as much as you do

We focus attention on all those tiny things like digital catalog, size flexibility, displays, samples, online ordering, and sales training, that make our dealer’s life easier, their customers happier, and let them make more money with Marfa.


How can Marfa Cabinets dealer program help you scale?

We at Marfa Cabinets care about business owners like you

That is why our dealers partnering program is built to help boost your sales:


Take advantage of our pocket-friendly price tags and enjoy substantial profit margins for your business while maintaining competitive pricing for your clients.


Build a relationship of trust with your clients over the quality you provide to them by leveraging our life-time warranty offer.


Our team ensures you stay up-to-date and relay valuable information to your customer, from designing to manufacturing to delivery so you never have to go back and forth.


Upscale your business by taking on any project you want because our European equipment and American assembly are fit to complete just about any size of order. From a single-family to extensive multi unit development, our pricing stays very competitive while offering the highest quality product.


Astound your customer and compel them into buying from you by offering them 100% customized designs and different materials to serve their needs.


Win at delivering earlier because although we ship out premium material from Europe, our Illinois-based manufacturing facility ensures that you deliver the order in weeks instead of months.

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How would Marfa dealer’s program help your Customers?

We help you WIN more deals by giving your customers:

  • strengths-ico-1 Free design support
  • strengths-ico-2 Brilliant assortment of materials
  • strengths-ico-3 3 weeks turnaround time
  • strengths-ico-4 Production flexibility
  • strengths-ico-5 Competitive pricing

So they know that you are their perfect match, refer you to any of their guests, and turn to you every time they need kitchen support.

About Marfa Cabinets

Marfa Cabinets is a US-based company that brings the product closer to the customer by building factories in every state and creating more business for Marfa Partners.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art materials, trend-setting designs, fully-automated production, and fastest turnaround time - Marfa plans to capture 5% of the market within 2 years.

Marfa’s professional designers keep up with and set Trends. Their designers are incredibly exceptional in knowing what customers want. Hence, they are continuously expanding the digital catalog and want to share their success with you.


So get in touch with us today and watch your business go through the roof!

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